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3 reasons Local Organic Food Is Better

These days, we all have options at the grocery store. Choosing how to spend our dollars is

choosing how to create the food system we want to see in the world.

We often support organic food companies because it is not only healthy for our bodies, but also

for the earth. As residents of Central Oregon, however, many of these companies’ produce has

to travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to reach us.

These extra “food miles”, as they are known, can add up. The time spent in refrigerated trucks

or on the back of an 18 wheeler can cause our food to be less fresh when it arrives at the

grocery store, then ultimately at our door. The solution? Local organic food!

Here are three reasons to choose local organic over Big Organic.

Local Organic Is Always More Fresh

During the growing season we harvest food weekly, box and bag it up, and have it in your CSA

box or local store within 5 days of that harvest. This means that not only is our produce more

fresh when it arrives to you, but that it will stay fresh longer, allowing you to have more time to

meal plan.

We’ve had customers give us great feedback about the fresh, crunchy, springy bite our lettuces

and veggies retain. They’ve compared that to the disappointment of opening a box of Big

Organic salad mix only to find wilting greens and soft leaves. They tell us that our greens often

last twice as long as the other guys’. For us, the choice is obvious.

Local Organic Connects Us To Central Oregon

When we eat locally, we eat what our ecosystem allows us to grow according to the seasons.

This gives us a local perspective on what we need to nourish ourselves in order to deal with that

season’s weather. It also helps us become more aware and present of the natural beauty

around us and empowers us to appreciate it more fully.

When the first spring greens come in, we’re reminded that summer is just around the corner. As

the last of the summer veggies dwindle down, we know that soon it will be fall and cold nights

will return in time. After making our final fall harvests, we dig in for winter and snow. Living

seasonally gives us a deeper connection to Central Oregon’s cycles, allowing us to live in

balance with them.

Local Organic Invests in Local Economies and Communities

Small business owners are the fabric of our community, and farmers are no different. When you

spend your hard earned dollars on local food, it promotes a local economy. We then spend

those hard earned dollars locally as well, and build connections with other small businesses. It’s

what’s going to help us stay resilient, connected, and will inspire more folks who are thinking of

developing their own gifts and talents to share with us all as small business owners.

Our vision for Alker Family Farm is that it can serve as both a farm and as a community space,

a place to share meals, learn about how food is grown, and meet your neighbors. We’re very

excited to welcome you out to the farm this summer. Reach out anytime if you’d like to visit with

your family!

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